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It is important to find the right therapist for you. In order to get to know each other, and to decide if we would like to work together, the initial consultation will typically last for 90 minutes.


Thereafter, a therapy session lasts 50 minutes, and, as consistency is at the heart of the work, we would meet on the same day and time each week. I commit to keeping your appointment available and open exclusively for you each week. This means that missed and cancelled sessions are payable in full. There is no charge for sessions missed when the practice is closed or when I am away. 

Fees - below are my standard fees. I can offer some reduced fees to students or those out of work.

I welcome open discussions about session fees and will consider your individual circumstances if I am able. 


Initial Consultation - £150


Open-ended therapy - £85 per session


Time-Limited therapy - £100 per session

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