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About Me

In my first career, I found that the most rewarding part of my work was listening to and counselling my clients in relation to their internal feelings about the external legal problems they faced. It became clear that, for me, providing an objective ear for their pain and worries was a more profound approach to helping someone. I knew I wanted to help in a more meaningful way. 


Simultaneously with this evolving notion, a crisis occurred in my personal life which brought me into personal contact with therapy. I left the law to embark on my training, which itself was disrupted by the obstacles I was then facing. 


I have since completed my training and my hope for the future is to do for others what my own therapy has done for me. I hope to make people feel at ease, to feel held and to enable them to explore their issues and understanding of themselves, and to provide that safe space, without which I know that my relationships with myself and with others, and my journey would have been that much harder. 

My professional qualifications include:


Post-graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Distinction, WPF Therapy and Roehampton University


Foundation Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy, WPF Therapy


LLB Hons (Law), Leeds University

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